About us

Our story

We launched Quest for Health Equity (Q4HE) in 2020 during the heart of the pandemic response.

COVID-19 further exposed the health disparities that marginalized communities face, but the health equity gap existed long before the pandemic. We made a commitment to do our part to address the systemic inequity fueling this crisis and work towards meaningful progress.

With strong support from Quest Diagnostics leadership, a Q4HE task force was formed, drawing upon expertise and skill sets from across the organization. Our dedicated team is working to help remove the barriers deepening health inequities in under-resourced communities, while improving equity in testing, screening and diagnosis.

Hispanic + Black Americans are up to 300% more likely to be uninsured than White Americans1
Black Americans have a 77% higher risk of developing diabetes than White Americans2
Native Americans have a 21% greater heart disease mortality rate than White Americans3

Our approach

Achieving health equity is a marathon, not a sprint, but the challenges marginalized communities face are urgent.

Taking direct action

We’re offering no-cost testing programs for groups in need while ensuring individuals understand the benefits of various laboratory tests, what their test results mean, and how they can act on them.

Uniting with like-minded collaborators

We’re joining forces with community-based organizations, community health centers, schools, universities, non-profits, religious institutions, and more to drive sustained impact.

Addressing the root causes of inequity

We aim to address the social determinants of health that create barriers for historically marginalized communities, as well as inequities within the healthcare system.

Social Determinants of Health

  • Income and jobs
  • Access to affordable, nutritious food
  • Affordable, safe housing
  • Education opportunities
  • Transportation access
  • Access to quality healthcare
  • Community and social support

Inequities in Healthcare

  • Lack of health insurance coverage
  • Discrimination in the healthcare system
  • Lack of diversity in healthcare workforce
  • Mis-diagnosis and under-diagnosis
  • Health facility and provider shortages in communities of color
  • Lack of diversity in clinical trials and studies

Our goals

Collaborate on community-driven priorities

We’re collaborating side-by-side with local stakeholders to support community-led initiatives that address social determinants of health.

Advance equity in diagnostics and screening

We’re improving access to testing and information, addressing bias in the diagnostic process, and making the research behind diagnostics more equitable.

Our path forward

  1. Collaborating with communities on community-led health equity priorities
  2. Providing no-cost lab testing and resources to communities in need
  3. Providing accessible health information on wellness and screening
  4. Working to make the science behind diagnostics more equitable
  5. Supporting efforts to increase diversity in healthcare workers and scientific studies
  6. Funding research and solutions to address disparities in diagnosis
  7. Funding research to address inequities in diagnostic protocols

Our team

Michael Floyd

Executive Director

Bonnie Reyna

Director, Advancing Equity in Communities

Stacey Ingram

Sr. Manager, Networked Initiatives

Cynita Smith-Watson

Sr. Manager, Regional Contracting

Roseline Docteur-Joseph

Senior Project Manager